Sunday, May 29, 2011

Years later....

Well hullo's been years......
Through another avenue completely I stumbled across my old blog.....reread some posts & felt utter compassion for me then, the pain I felt, the trauma I carried.
Wow - it was another time, another place & I can thankfully report that our prayers were answered. We were blessed. So blessed.
It's a long story & I can't really go into it all now but suffice to say I was diagnosed with Natural Killer cells (I knew it but it took a while to get the fucking dr's onto it) anyway.......we now have two magnificent (biologically ours) incredible daughters. Noa-Rose is almost three & a half & Amiel is 22 months. They are amazing & we are blessed.....& so very happy.
I thank God we are parents and we have a family.
I may one day come back to write some more but for now I just felt that needed to be said.
Bye for now.