Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And today she would have been 80

I awoke sad & teary, didnt sleep well. I cried a little on my way to work remembering her b'days. By the time I got to work, it was full on & busy but I decided to visit her grave at lunch time which i did.....i drove up to the cemetery (only 10mins away) sat by her grave in the sun for a little while wishing her happy b'day, telling her how much i loved & missed her & gave her a few kisses. I felt calm & soothed to be by her side.

I arrived home & A had left for work. He'd also left her (& I) a b'day card & a beautiful yummy cheese cake with candles on it for her...i was touched. It was also my friends b'day, D. So another friend, S & I had decided to have a low key drink with D & celebrate both her & mums b''days. Since we all met through our dogs in the dog park, it was most fitting to spend the evening outdoors together. S brought a few bottles of champagne, sparklers etc. I brought two cakes (the one I'd bought for D after work & the one A bought to honour my mum) & between us we had 5 happy dogs....& eachother. We celebrated D's b'day & honoured mum & it felt right. They asked me about her & I was proud to rave about her so intensely...i was blessed with her as my mum.

When she died, apart from the usual inscription on her grave describing her major relationships etc, I also wrote a private loving tribute to her:

To my beloved mother
With you there is love, there is god
With all my heart & my soul
I am with you
I love you & I honour you
Always & all ways
We are together till the end of time

Happy birthday mummy xxxxxx


Blogger serenity said...

Goosebumps here. I am sure your mum knows how much she is loved on her birthday.


12:29 AM  
Anonymous Kath said...

Sounds like you and your mother had a wonderful bond. I'm so sorry she's gone, and glad you have such loving memories of her.

Best of luck for today, my dear. I'm thinking of you.

8:48 PM  
Blogger sube said...

A very sweet and sad post. Hugs.

1:18 PM  

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