Saturday, August 12, 2006

And now....flu!!!

In my current state of stress what i didn't need was flu!!!! but ofcourse when im run down & stressed, it'll visit at the worst times - for me the worst part of flu is the inability to breathe through your nose -i hate it, the rest is soooooo uncomfortable but not being to breathe - awful & because i am about to ovulate within the next 3-5 days i dont want to be using nose drops / spray ...but im sure i will tonite because this is so shitting me. Is anyone else a neurotic friek like that & believes that the chemicals of nose drops will potentialy harm my eggs or possible conception? i wish i didn't think like that because it makes my life harder than it already is right now...

so we stayed in bed till midday, & eventually we headed to a beautiful park nearby which i have visited & loved ever since i was a baby. We took a loaf of organic wholemeal bread to feed the ducks, take away japanese for us & I fed the swans & ducks & baby swans...some ate from the palm of my hand & it was very therapeutic & quite lovely. My mum used to take me there as a young child & I just loved feeding the ducks...& nothings changed. A huge eel even came by underwater (ofcourse) to get fed too..A liked him the most. The swans would glide in right into the palm of my hand & one who wasn't so coordinated hit the wall of the pond & A, the dogs, the swan & I were all in shock.

Last night after work, A & I had our annual tax appointment with our accountant. And of course she is 3 & a half months pregnant & did i mention our neighbour is too????

Then we went to A's parents for our ritual Fri night family dinner & silly me brought up my blog & my sister in law was curious, I told them I didnt want anyone knowing my blog address & that for me it was important i had the anonymity I needed but I still knew she was curious & would look for it. Ive grown up with T, feel very close to her but as we've all touched on....its important to be able to be free when we write.....silly me for bringing my blog up.

I'd like to thank you all who visited my recent entries & soothed me about my inability to find positivity right now as we approach this new cycle....i feel like ive receiveed permission & validation at not being able to muster or find the optimism & positivity. I will do as Ive been advised by you all & take the 'head down & keep busy approach'.....that is, as kath said "the most I can hope for"....ooouuch every nose blow or sneeze really hurts my whole head....

thats it for now, i must head to a bowl of steaming water with menthol to try to unblock my a last attempt to avoid chemical drops....oh yes by the way, in an attempt to avoid chemicals Ive recently purchased 100% organic skin care range...its quite lovely....& it feels so good to not use chemicals when youre cleaning or moisturising your face -the brand is miessence if any of you are interested.


Anonymous Kath said...

Hope you feel better soon, my dear. And as for nose drops, I don't really know, but I doubt they disturb ovulation.

I do hope your SIL doesn't go searching for your blog. And most of all, of course, I hope she doesn't find it. That would be an awful feeling.

By the way, I wonder if you got my e-mail? I just hate the thought of sending something like that to the wrong address...

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Nikole said...

I'm sorry that you've been so incredibly sick, and I'm sorry I haven't been checking in more. The past couple of weeks have been so incredibly busy, I can barely see straight.

I am also one of those neurotic ladies who worries about everything I put in and on my body, especially during cycles when we are trying. Rationally, I know that I worry far too much. But I just can't seem to stop myself. I just want to do everything right, you know?

I hope your SIL respects your privacy.

Thinking of you. xoxo

9:14 PM  

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