Monday, June 05, 2006

Things we do....

Today was the day, embryo transfer day, blastocyst day 5 day. It was pouring relentlessly. A had only 3 hours sleep since he was on an emergency shift. I had less than that because, well just because & there we were slurping porridge while driving thru traffic to get to the pre transfer acupuncture session. There were 6 people in her clinic but when youre on embryo transfer day, you become a VIP. Straight upstairs & 40 mins of acupuncture to relax my uterus.

Back in traffic heading to the clinic & there i was again in surgical gear awaiting the scientist. So the final day 5 report looked like this "2 great blasto's already expanding applying pressure to the zona, 4 great looking blastos ready to freeze & 2 more still doing their thing so we need to ring on wed to see if they got far 6 grade 1 blastos from the 12 fertilised"

I was disappointed. I thought we'd get 8 or 10. I wished A hadn't consumed the caffeine..but then our RE visited. His first words were 'youre a star performer'.....he explained this was way better than average & i should be pleased so perhaps my expectations were not realistic.....familiar story in my life!

We saw our blastos on the screen, to me they didnt look like babies in the making. i couldnt delineate their masses that become the placenta & baby....but i trusted they looked great.

Then after some fiddling as my uterus is a little retro (apparently) they were there together swishing around.
RE showed us the air bubble that follows them & we were done.

This time im doing an extra injection each night to hopefully avoid guarantees but hope.

It hurt, it stung, i felt sorry for me but then of course i knew if this is what it'll take extra injection each nite that stings - bring it on!

Then we were back at the acupuncturist, for more treatment - this time to hold the embryii in place. i slept. it was peaceful. Downstairs i collected more herbs -this time 'H' herbs to hold the embryii, deer antler, royal jelly, granules & $300 later -we were heading home via the organic butcher for a few bags of protein, also good for developing dividing embryii.

My chinese herbalist advised i do nothing for a wk. she directed A to do everything, me to take a wk off work & to lie around like a sloth.....that aint quite possible but i did manage to lie on the counch from 4 till 10.30, chat to my lovely friends & support group & watch serious shit on tele...things we do for developig embryii!!!!

& now the dreaded two week wait commences....but this time with a twist. i start my new job next tues. this wk i'll only go in for 2 half days & i will try hard to remain calm. This time i kno what to expect. I kno already my boobs hurt & my nipples are tender & im bloated from the drugs so hopefully i wont perceive these signs as pregnancy but i also kno as these 2 weeks unfold, it is hard to stay sane, calm, rationale etc

& will i go down the home pregnancy test torture trail?

Who knows?


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