Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Great Eggs!

The report this morning went something like this:

"Hi i know they told you they'd retrieved 14 eggs but actually he (RE) retrieved 13 eggs & something else. He's not too sure what it was but it wasn't an egg. Of the 13 eggs retrieved, 12 have fertilised with A's sperm -thats an excellent result."

I was pleased. I was proud of my eggs. Despite this whole process being traumatic i did identify a positive .....somehow, tho' i once feared & panicked about my egg numbers or quality...& felt dread at perhaps one day having to find an egg donor.....i now had an intuitive sense, an inner knowing that my eggs are good quality, great quality!!!! I now kno' the reason we've miscarried has nothing to do with my egg quality. Dont ask me why i know this with such certainty but i do!!!!!

Yesterday our RE warned me not to expect the same ratio of embryos reaching day 5 (blastocyst)...he said that was 'unusual & exceptional'.

I know a similar wild number will reach blastocyst & it will be a testimony to the wonderful quality of my very own eggs!!!

If only id know with such certainty we were going to get pregnant, not miscarry & have our beautiful children...

& one more thing.....what was that strange unknown entity he retrieved from my uterus if it wasn't an egg?


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