Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dividing & Thriving....

Today was A's nephews barmitzvah, a lot of people, a coming of age for J, A's nephew, many relos, rituals, prayers, food - the works.....but i was distracted. I realised there is always a distraction for me now. Today it was waiting for the nurse to call me with the day 3 progress report of our embryos.

The results are very good, unusually good - & i wasn't shocked. This was consistent with what i now know of my egg quality. We have 2 well ahead of their time, they're already compacted morulas (a good day ahead in their development), a further 8, spot on with their development & looking good & another 2 laggers...not quite the required 8 cells but still looking good.....So all 12 are still doing their dividing thing, thriving along.

Nurse K (who is just lovely) warned me they might not all make it to day 5 - blastocyst stage, she said a few may drop off. Even if a few drop off - we'll still be left with 10 - an exceptional result yet again.

But in a way, all these amazing results don't mean anything unless they implant, decide to stay & survive the obstacles that the others sadly haven't. It's easy to be lulled into hopefulness & positivity, when in actual fact - this alone doesn't amount to a healthy pregnancy & a baby.

But it is still good news & far better than at this stage not having any robust embryos that look like theyre going to make it to blasto stage.....

Lets just hope they keep it up a little more than 5 days of about 9 mths???


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